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Successful partnerships depend on each member upholding their respective responsibilities. “Conservation easements cannot exist without trust between landowners and land trusts,” said Blair Fitzsimons, CEO of the Texas Agricultural Land Trust. “And trust is built when partners communicate openly and...

Opportunities and Challenges

Determining whether or not to place a conservation easement on a property is a process that offers both opportunities and challenges. Landowners should approach the decision with their eyes open to both. “A conservation easement is a tool that makes...

Choosing A Land Trust

Once landowners determine that a conservation easement is the right tool for their land, they have to choose a land trust to hold the easement. “By definition, a land trust is a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-governmental organization organized for the purpose...

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Texas is losing her rural lands faster than any other state. Click to read the facts on land loss and fragmentation going on in your area of the state.

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Texas is losing agricultural land faster than any other state in the nation. The size of Texas disguises the urgency of the problem because it seems like we’ve got a lot of land. But if this trend continues, we could wake up one day and see that it has gone too far. What will we do then?
Jim Bill Anderson, Anderson Ranch
The woman who was the ranch’s second owner had witnessed the impact of oil and gas development on the land of her childhood and she never forgot the changes that development brought. It was her wish that this ranch would stay the way it was – and we wanted the same thing. We enacted the conservation easement to keep it as open space forever.
Mike Hughes, Prairie Dog River Ranch

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