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Keeping Texas Big,
Wide and Open
Created by landowners for landowners, TALT's mission is to protect private working lands, thus conserving Texas’ heritage of wide open spaces.

Photo © D.K. Langford

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Of the many values cherished by Texans, land stewardship is particularly strong. And naturally so: Texas has one of the highest percentages of private lands in the country. The Lone Star State is home to 247,000 farms and ranches, whose dedicated owners work to grow food and fiber, improve wildlife habitat, and protect water sources. Moreover, these places connect us to the land and to our heritage---to that uniquely Texan legacy of rugged independence, unlimited opportunities, and wide open spaces.

The Texas Agricultural Land Trust (TALT) was formed by men and women who share the concern that Texas is losing its heritage of wide open spaces. Between 1987 and 2007, Texas lost over two million acres of prime working lands----lands that provide significant public benefits such as water recharge, carbon sequestration, and wildlife habitat. Often the culprit for this loss is estate taxes; at other times, it’s escalating land values. Whatever the cause, the result is the same: The land is fragmented into smaller and smaller pieces, or lost completely to development.

Protecting Texas’ legacy

In the four years since its founding, TALT has partnered with landowners to protect 128,000 acres. As the only land trust in Texas dedicated exclusively to protecting working lands, TALT is a statewide organization that cherishes private lands stewardship, and looks beyond individual species protection or regional concerns to keep land large, whole, and open.

Building Capacity to Conserve Working Lands in Texas

Mindful of the current economic climate, the TALT Board’s objective is to build a sustainable organization. In February, 2009, the TALT Board completed a five-year strategic plan which lays out a systematic plan for building capacity. The plan delineates metrics for TALT’s growth, and establishes as priorities financial stability and providing information on land conservation to Texas landowners.

Please join us! A gift to TALT helps protect and conserve Texas’ working lands for benefit of future generations. 

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If you prefer to pay by check, mail your payment to the following address:

Texas Agricultural Land Trust

P.O. Box 6152 

San Antonio, TX 78209 

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A gift to TALT helps protect and conserve Texas’ working lands for benefit of future generations. 

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