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Keeping Texas Big,
Wide and Open
Created by landowners for landowners, TALT's mission is to protect private working lands, thus conserving Texas’ heritage of wide open spaces.

Photo © D.K. Langford

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TALT’s board consists of men and women who own land and know firsthand the challenges of managing farms and ranches. Since 2007, TALT has helped landowners to protect almost 128,000 acres through the use of agricultural conservation easements. The following principles guide our actions and decisions:

Stewardship requires stewards.

Keeping productive rural lands in private hands and under private management is the best way to conserve Texas’ natural resources. TALT is committed to the conservation of working lands. In Texas, “agriculture” is a broad umbrella that encompasses a range of agricultural activities including wildlife management. TALT will consider potential easement donations on any type of agricultural land that meets the requirements for donated conservation easements under IRS regulations.

Focus only on private lands.

TALT refuses to acquire conservation easements that will end up in public hands or that involve condemnation. TALT’s mission is to conserve private lands. We are interested in helping farmers and ranchers stay on the land and pass their property down to future generations. TALT does not function as an agent for government agencies. We acquire only those easements that we intend and are able to hold in perpetuity.

Help landowners to protect their lands.

TALT does not seek to hold title to land. Our mission is to help private landowners to realize their own conservation goals.

Trust the landowner to manage.

TALT believes that the landowner knows best how to manage his or her property. We are interested in conserving open space, thereby preventing the loss of rural land to development or the fragmentation of properties into smaller and smaller parcels.

Respect landowners’ rights.

The donation of an agricultural conservation easement does not require the landowner to provide public access, nor does TALT require it. That decision rests solely with the landowner.